I go to gym a lot and log all my workout in the log book. It's very time consuming and I can't really easily figure out whether I been improving using the paper log book that's why we build Gymatic.

What it does

Using your Apple Watch watchOS3 we can automatically identify the exercise you did, count the rep for you and save the data in OpenShift. Gymatic will also contribute to the activity rings on Apple watch taking credit of your gym workout. Being able to see my gym log will help me improve my health by motivating me to go to the gym more.

How I built it

Apple Watch and iPhone App + host open source Parse Server on OpenShift

Challenges I ran into

Figure out how to use OpenShift hosting node.js server and mongoDB backend

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Sucessfully deployed Parse Server on OpenShift

What I learned

How easily is it to host on OpenShift

What's next for Gymatic

Move our production backend to OpenShift

Built With

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