All of us has been, at one point, intimidated to go to the gym and use a new piece of equipment because we don't know how to use it. This is a fair fear as misuse of gym equipment can severely injure a person. We want to alleviate the high barrier to entry in the gym by providing dynamic and insightful tips in the gym.

What it does

In a supported gym, pieces of equipment would be equipped with Bluetooth LE Beacons that can determine distance from a user. Using this information, we are able to determine which piece of equipment you are closest to in the gym. We will send a push notification providing a short blurb on how to use the equipment.

How we built it

Our Android application is the central hub for our system. it communicates with the Beacons and our backend Node.js server for information. It also displays the useful contextual information when it needs to be presented.

Challenges we ran into

Using the Google Cloud Messaging system for push notifications was not straight forward. It requires many changes to manifest and build files to work correctly. We also then needed to implement capability for out server to send out the push notifications correctly. We implemented the same system used by the likes of Facebook, Gmail, and Snapchat for push notifications.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We believe that Gym Hero can help many people become healthier. Reducing the barrier to entry at the gym will encourage more people to frequent it and it will no longer be just an unfulfilled resolution.

What's next for Gym Hero

We hope to look for partner gyms that can help us implement this system. Since we can track each user's workout history, we can provide deep analytics for the gym to analyze its users. These new insights can then be used to target specialty classes or special offers on an individual basis.

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