While the global pandemic rages, we still don't feel confident enough to return to Gyms, especially when they account for 2.3% of the total infections in the U.K. It is quite difficult to keep track of your activities and to know if you are doing it right without a gym instructor. So we thought of a project that could help people around the world with this problem.

What it Does

Gym Buddy is an inexpensive, easy-to-install, at-home pull-up and crunches instructor. It keeps track of the number of crunches and pull-ups that you do. It uses a proximity sensor to detect if you have successfully completed a pull-up/crunch ensuring that you are doing it right. This data is then displayed on our website in real-time and you get to keep a record of your daily average and the number of calories that you've burnt.

How we built it

This weekend- We built an app using Flutter which fetches the data from the Firebase and shows it in charts. We also added the location of the User in the app so they can keep track. We fixed some bugs and overhauled the UI.

Past work- We used a proximity sensor to keep track of the number of crunches and pull-ups. A piezo sensor in order to check if the device is being utilized or not and a NodeMcu to transfer this data to our database from where our website would fetch it.

Challenges we faced

We had a hard time trying to run the program without an Arduino board, trying to interface the NodeMcu proved to be a challenge.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We were able to interface the NodeMcu which made us ecstatic. We were also able to send data to the database and fetch it in real-time. Learning and implementing flutter in such short time.

What we learned

Always reset your NodeMcu before uploading new code otherwise you will waste a lot of time compiling and running the right code and getting wrong results.

What's next

This system can be further expanded to share these records with real-life instructors so that they can properly keep a check and provide necessary alterations.


Om Khairate
Om Khairate
Dhawal Khapre
Dhawal Khapre
Tejas Khairnar
Tejas Khairnar

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