Who hates going to the gym? Even though it's "good for you," most people would rather avoid working out. It's frustrating trying to know what exercises to do, how to do them, and how to identify progress. It's often easier to just skip the gym and try again come New Years.

But what if you had your own personal training buddy there motivating and monitoring you in the gym every time you worked out? We've got just that personal trainer: Gym Buddy is an electronic wearable glove to help you get more out of each gym session without the hassle.

Instead of needing to write down the exercise, weights, and repetitions as you workout, Gym Buddy uses sensors, pattern recognition, and machine learning to keep track of it for you. Exercises are identified from the pressure and movements of the glove, which then displays the correct video demonstration in real-time, while repetitions are tracked based on the glove data being fed into the machine learning algorithm. The data is read in from pressure sensors and accelerometers to an Arduino Mini, which transmits to a local computer via Bluetooth. After a machine learning algorithm is used, the data is sent to our MongoDB backend and through the BlueMix service on website and the iOS application for real-time feedback and storing workout data.

Getting fit, losing weight, and getting in a good workout has never been easier thanks to Gym Buddy.

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