Get your mierda back together. During difficult times like these can decrease our motivation, productivity, and health. Nevertheless, this scheduling app can improve users on their new lifestyle, work/life balance and give awareness on how and where they spend their time during the day. Furthermore, we care about your health, so we provide suggestions on what users can perform during their breaks between focus sessions.

What it does

The app is designed to help user to stay focus during the focus time. User can decide how long they want to focus as well the break time in between depending on the tasks. The app will have analysis daily for performance which will show the time user has breached the focus time, how long have user been focused and how long of breaks has user taken.

How I built it

We used react native to build the app and test it using expo.

Challenges I ran into

Store the data of each task for the person.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. Finished all the UI design
  2. User can enter multiple tasks
  3. Create a person class to store/ manipulate the data.
  4. Create a countdown focus timer ## What I learned How to write app in Javascript, how to use api in react native ## What's next for GYM-BT Add community features that can let people work together and encourage each other when sharing progress.
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