A lot of Yoga classes, Gym classes have a TV in the main hall for people that wait someone to finish their class or to learn more before they begin the class. Also a lot of people want to train with their favorite trainer even if they moved or the traffic jam won't allow them enough time to go to the gym.

What it does

It creates a portal where trainers and customers can interact, like a twitch where you can get fit. You have a button in the bottom left corner where you get statistics about the network , in the top left you can set the volume and in the top right you can see others volume. You can connect to the network and set the type of training that you want. Because the microphone has a lot of noise and only works for the object that emit sounds near it the music in the background can't be heard. After you select a type of training the background music will be mixed with the volume.

How I built it

I began the project in Angular, then switched it to pure JavaScript. I made this mock up in order to convert it later directly to Ionic and maybe Electron.

Challenges I ran into

Getting the example to work slowed a lot the project. Firewall blocked for some reason the wss command to the Agora server. The Angular package is also outdated.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Now people can save time and not stay in the gym hall, they can see when the room has more seats on the go.

What I learned

Agora library is helpul, I will consider integrating it in some projects.

What's next for Gym Assist

I want to create more channels( see bottom right of the page) so the users can choose from different trainers or categories of training. I also want to integrate the project into Ionic if I will consider going further with the project.

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