The new technologies for granular billing make it possible to redesign the way we go about everyday activities, like going to the gym.

What it does

Instead of having a gym membership, where you are locked in to a single gym for a long time, you can flexibly pay only for the gym equipment you actually use, on any gym, anytime. Pay As You Go! helps gyms set optimal elastic prices for the usage of their equipment, for example to incentivize new customers to come outside of rush hours as well. On top of that, gym managers learn which equipment is used the most and can improve their offering this way.

How we built it

We built an Android app that can unlock gym equipment using NFC and tracks the time you spend with each machine. To bill, log and analyze very granular usage of the gym equipment, we use SAP Hybris on the backend. Once a gym customer is done with his workout, he can pay the visit on self-checkout using a Clover Point-of-Sale.

What's next for Gym As You Go!

Stay tuned!

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