Many people travel to new cities, but are often left lost looking through generic websites for touristy destinations. We decided a website can help bring together locals and tourists. By going through our site, users can search their destination and find locals who volunteer or set up personal tour guides. This provides a much more personalized experience for the tourist, while also providing the locals a source of income. Relationships and networking opportunities can also be built through this experience.

What it does

A user can come register for an account either as a tourist or a guide. The guides are able to provides dates of availability and can also a set price for their service (or they can volunteer to be a guide for free). Upon registration with email and password, users will be brought to a page to search up cities they are interested in traveling to, which will then display an array of locals who are available. Additionally, both the local gyde and traveller can provides reviews for each other to provide credibility.

Challenges we ran into

We faced many problems with authentications for users through Facebook using MongoDB Stitch because of the confusion of learning their language. Additionally, we tried many different layouts to see if it should be mobile or a web application, but in the end we decided to make it more like an AirBNB website.

  • basically, a lot of experimentation = many challenges

What we learned

We learned about how to integrate mongodb with our web application to store our data.

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