The Government Experience Citizen Requests app is designed to empower citizens and allow them to have a 1:1 relationship with their local government. The app is developed for iOS 7 and can also be ported to other platforms and allows end users (citizens/constituents) to create and submit requests to their local government. The mobile app pulls their GPS location and uses that to get their address. It allows them to pick a category for the type of request (pot holes, graffiti, trees down, etc) and then enter a detailed description of the request. It also allows them to take a picture to go with the request. Once they click 'send' it will send the request to the backend and create a case which gets automatically assigned. The assignee then receives an email letting them know they have a new case assigned and the email contains a link to the request. They can then respond to the request and email back to the citizen/constituent with status, etc. To install the app on iOS 7 go here and click link to download directly

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