We want to turn bystanders into upstanders to change how the society thinks towards rape and unhealthy relationships. As we researched, there were a lot of scenarios where we did not know what to do in those situations, and that is why we decided to create this app to help others intervene in those situations.

How it works

Upstanders is a web app that we created with the intent of helping bystanders intervene in dangerous situations and providing advice to people in danger to escape dangerous situations. This includes immediate danger (i.e. potential sexual assault, or stalking and other forms of harassment) and unhealthy relationships. It asks a question and then provides options for the users to check. Based on the user’s answers to a list of questions pertaining to the issue, the app generates specific advice on how they can safely intervene or escape. The app not only provides bystanders with this advice, but also those endangered. By empowering bystanders with the tools they need to safely intervene, we hope to drastically reduce rape and abusive relationships. Additionally, the app provides advice on how to prevent people from becoming endangered in these situations. The app has a “Tips to prevent an Unhealthy Relationship” page and “Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship” page. Furthermore, we provide a basic “good practices” page for attending social gatherings.

Challenges I ran into

Because all four of us are very limited with our programing experiences, we could not find ways to implement the features that we wanted. We originally wanted to create an Android app, but no one had sufficient experience with Android Developer. We then decided to switch to use HTML to create a web app instead.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that managed to think of an good idea and execute it to the best of our abilities. We are all high school students and had no experienced software engineers on the team. We are proud of our final product!

What I learned

We learned that sometimes ideas can't come to fruition; we had to shift our idea in order to fit the limitations of our inexperience with coding. Also, we learned how to make a functioning, interactive mobile app.

What's next for Upstanders

We'd like to create this app on both Android and iOS platforms. Also, we'd like to be able to create a discussion forum, add picture and video capabilities within the app to take pictures of crimes and/or perpetrators, and use the location of the user to pinpoint the discussion forum in particular areas. Furthermore, we'd like this app to be mandatory for all college students so we can really make a difference in ending campus rape.

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