Gvidi is an intelligent guide to cafes, bars and restaurants. It provides the opportunity of "intellectual" search and selection of food venues on the basis of people's tastes: Gvidi examines users' private preferences to give them personal recommendations on where to go.

MORE INFORMATION The service implements sophisticated collaborative filtering algorithms. It processes data about habits and interests of app users and their friends (also from popular social networks) and automatically forecasts a potential level of their sympathy for one or another food venue. As a result, Gvidi points out how probable (0% to 100%) is that the user will like each cafe or restaurant nearby, and can suggest certain, the most appropriate places for him/her. Gvidi users are encouraged to rate places they visited and connect social media accounts in order to ensure they get the most accurate and useful recommendations.

Lists of surrounding cafes, bars and restaurants may be arranged by recommendations (with potentially more interesting food venues on upper positions) or distance, as well as filtered by lots of various criteria, from availability of Wi-Fi and non-smoking areas to average checks and business hours. Each place profile contains detailed information, including its description, contacts, photos, as well as ratings and reviews left by other visitors. It is possible to see the location of food venues on a built-in map, plan routes and get directions to them.

Also, Gvidi provides its users with a bonus set of unique discount offers in some cafes, bars and restaurants. Food venues which have such offers can be found via the search function. To get enough currency to buy a discount coupon, it is sufficient just to share the information about Gvidi on personal pages on social networks.

What's more, Gvidi allows the tables/seats at some cafes and restaurants to be reserved through its internal booking system.

Moreover, Gvidi users may see what restaurants their friends visit and like, and share their own impressions of the same kind. To do that, the crossposting option is also available: after connecting personal Facebook, Twitter or VKontake accounts to Gvidi, it is possible to retransmit the information about everything happening in Gvidi to the corresponding social networks. In addition, the app allows the immediate communication through Like buttons and comments to the friends' activity.

iOS-app Gvidi was released in November 2012 on the App Store in Russia and has already been featured there by the editorial staff (e.g. New & Noteworthy, On the Town, Dining Out, and Valentine's Day Apps).

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