The inspiration behind Good Vs Evil, or GVE, was when our own Seth Wilcox suggested such an idea. Instead of a bland website or slide show, we would have to make something that grabbed the attention of almost everyone here, and almost everyone here has one thing in common: video games. We developed a retro-styled RPG that included everything that makes an RPG worth playing, from looting chests and slaying monsters to casting spells and rescuing future allies. In order to make our adventure come alive, we used a software engine called RPG Maker VX Ace. Though the software made constructing such a project a breeze, we still ran into trouble. Things such as details as minuscule as a crack in the wall and as large as an entire cut scene prove troublesome. We are very proud of the fact that we have received praise from our friends who tried the game, and even those who only glanced at the programming. To bring joy to our friends with something we created is an amazing feeling. We learned through this experience that nothing is impossible as long as we're determined. Though it was very tempting at times to take shortcuts or cut corners, we persevered and managed to continue until two levels were made, including a few dungeons. Seth, Sylvia, and I, Jacob, hope to be able to one day finish this game and allow our friends to experience the full adventure of Arulen and Mia, the one that we hope they are looking forward to seeing us complete.

Built With

  • rpg-maker-vx-ace
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