At GenderVerse, we believe in equality for all genders. Our purpose is to provide resources and spread awareness about gender-sensitive issues such as gender-neutral bathrooms. We believe in sensitizing the people around us. The main inspiration was the lack of awareness and access to gender-neutral bathrooms in India. Mainstreaming of other genders should start from everyday aspects like these, and what Genderverse is a supplement to this cause. There have been cases of discrimination especially regarding bathrooms and we were motivated to create a platform/safe-space to help communities in need.

Important Note: It is published under my brother's developer account since I did not have one :)

What it does


  • Add Bathrooms: Spread information about gender-neutral bathrooms across the world. Promote your organization by creating more data for those in need.

  • Save Bathrooms: If you want to store information about any bathrooms around you that might be helpful. It is just one click away.

  • View a global scale inventory: Our app is global scale so Genderverse will accompany you wherever you go. Our aim is to empower those who truly require this information.

The goal was to create a one-stop platform where people in need of gender-neutral bathrooms can go and get access. You can add, save, view bathrooms with a very comprehensive and easy-to-use system.

How I built it

It was built using Swift and Firebase. With previous knowledge from online courses, I used basic swift to create the app. I used Google Maps-API to facilitate easy navigation. It also uses many Cocoapod libraries: AlamoFire, JDProgress HUD. Everything was developed in-house.

Challenges I ran into

Maps-API usage since I have never had an experience with that before. I also struggled with some database issues at the start. Furthermore, it was also a task to complete it quickly and design the mockups to get it published onto the app store. I struggled with creating designs. First time I used Canva to create a suitable and attractive UI.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to create a basic yet powerful system that can empower thousands across the world. The ground impact of GV-Everywhere can be immense and I am happy to play a role in terms of bringing social impact

What I learned

I learned to be efficient and how to set deadlines to get tasks done on time. It was the first time I also dipped my hand into some beta-testing which I did through a few of my friends.

What's next for GV-Everywhere

GenderVerse aims to become a leading powerhouse to bringing equality in everyday life for all genders. Being passionate young teens, we wish to use our skills and our vision for a better tomorrow to make GenderVerse a powerful resource for anyone who is in need of our information. I want to extend our app to create a GV-Everywhere community and add features like forums, validity checks, and so much more.

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