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Our teammate Logan recently found out he has lactose intolerant and after digging deeper, we found out that a majority of people suffer from digestive disorders. In fact, its estimated that 70% of all people have digestive disorders, and HALF of all digestive disorders go undiagnosed. Indigestion and digestive health is such a big issue that $136billion was spent on gastrointestinal disease in 2019.

We interviewed 68 hackers just to see how wide spread the problem was!

We found that 79% of hackers feel uneasy from food at least once a month! alt text We found that 69% of hackers wonder why their stomach hurts! alt text We found that 84% of hackers care about what they eat and how it affects their body! alt text

Check out the survey!


GutBuddy keeps track of the users' diet and helps recognize foods in their diet that make you feel uneasy and predicts whether or not you may have a digestive disorder


UI/UX: Created a mock up in Figma

FE: react app connected to backend with expressJS and NodeJS, utilized react-router-dom, axios and fuzzy-search and react-webcam

BE: mongodb for EVERYTHING

ML: decision-making algorithm to help recognize foods in the diet that are bad, computer vision to capture and store meals AND also give nutritional data to user

With code 👀😊

⏭️WHAT'S NEXT FOR GutBuddy⏭️

Everyone eat better and cares for their body :D


  • It was Logan's FIRST hackathon, Kurt's*FIRST* and also Michael's FIRST so there was a learning curve to a lot of stuff especially since we were building an entire app
  • Twilio?? HUGEEEEE PAIN, we couldn't figure out how to get different a Canadian phone number to work for outgoing sms and also have our own custom messages for a little while. After a couple hours of reading documentation, we got it working with an US phone!
  • disjoined datasets
  • authentication with mongodb was a super hard challenge because we created disjoined datasets
  • limitations on compute performance because of mongodb
  • bad wifi 💀
  • no electricity ⚡
  • not enough food
  • integrating python with javascript
  • launching the site with vercel/digital ocean was super janky because Vercel was running a yarn installation EVEN THOUGH WE'RE USING NPM
  • integrating twilio and tying it into our database


  • Learning git and mongodb was HUGE! Super important technologies in a lot of projects
  • Getting Twilio to work properly (its our first time)
  • First time designing a supportive app that's ✨functional AND pretty ✨without a dedicated ui/ux designer
  • Using so many tools, languages and frameworks at once, and making them work together :D
  • ALL OF IT 😎😎😎
  • creating a full stack MERN app within 24 hours
  • Submitting on time (I hope? 😬) <--- yeah we did 😎


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