One of the topics we saw online was how to help the world move forward in education systems after the pandemic. Well, that was in the back of our minds along with a bunch of other problems that Gurume could solve. One of our friends has social anxiety to meet with a tutor in person. He has so much potential in the health field and all he needs is a mentor but he doesn't get that. One of our other friends needed help with an assignment but we didn't have time to help him. So instead of fully talking things out, it was just a rush to find the answer instead of learning from a person-to-person conversation. As mentioned in our pitch, Gurume is a product to help those people in need of human interaction to learn. There are a lot of stories from my friends that stopped going to college during the pandemic because they simply didn't learn much. Gurume was an idea that was in the back of our minds but it can help so many people with these specific issues and everyone should be on the same playing field when trying to obtain knowledge!

What we learned

We are a team of very new developers. Only one of us is pretty knowledgeable in coding. the rest of us are first-time hackers! One of us started coding only 4 weeks ago starting in college. So with that being said, we learned a lot. The knowledgeable one learned patience when teaching(kind of). There were a lot of APIs going into the project and though it's not a complete project with bugs, considering the experience of this team we think we did pretty well! Even going into real-time updates as most are still learning about APIs and JSON. Git was an obstacle that we somewhat got over. The design was pretty top-notch for the time limit and this team! Different ways to get over obstacles (though most are probably not best practice). With that being said we definitely learned alot.

How we built Gurume

We used mainly web technologies using javascript, HTML, CSS along with vuejs. In hopes to make things much simpler, we used Firebase. We also used a bunch of APIs learning a lot of data flow. Auth0, Twilio, and Firebase are some. We designed and planned out what our goals were for this project and the needed bases for Gurume to be an app.

Challenges we faced

There were so many challenges considering again the experience level of this team in a hackathon. A lot of time spent learning rather than coding(which is a great thing to but definitely one of the factors for not finishing everything we sought), packages and git not behaving as we thought, setup being difficult because some packages were recently updated and changed a lot, vscode errors, using auth0 and twilio together caused issues, using vue and twilio (it barely has anything on the two technologies together, especially the new version of vue), trying to avoid backend but end up needing nodejs because of twilio, (twilio was the bane of our existence for the late night) thinking about a project name that took an hour, etc, etc, etc... All in all, there were a lot of hurdles but the main thing is 2 of us got 2 hours of sleep and the others are still sleeping as I type :) ENJOY

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