In a suistainable world, everybody all needs to take public transport often. However, we all experience frustrating moments when we need to search for bus route everytime. Practically, it is because most journey planner apps do not offer enough comfortable user experience for users. Especially in extreme cold whether in Finland, whenever we put out phone out to search for bus route, it is usually being shut down.

Everybody in our team all experience those things said above. We really want to take public transport to go to school, to work, but it is not an easy experience. That's why we want to build a journey planner app that is user centric and focus mostly on improving user experience to encourage more people to take public transport.

What Guru Bussi does

It is a journey planner application that incorporate many utilities that help make people experience in searching bus route better. One of the most important feature is the live map tracking that tells people the real time location of the bus that match with the searching of user. It means that when people fill in their desired departure location and destination, they will be presented with the most nearest bus, and from then they can track where is the bus now at the time, to prepare better for their journey. Other utilities also include notification feature which send notification to user when the bus come, favourite and recent search feature to enable fast search, schedule feature which will send notification to user on a specific timetable (eg,from Monday to Friday). We also focus on improving current UI and UX of our apps, which has most feature that other journey planner apps have, but on a more thoughtful and efficient scale.

How is Guru Bussi built

We first wireframe and prototype the application on design scale. Then implement it with React Native and incorporate the API backend.

Challenges we ran into

  • Lack of experiences of working with data of Maps API.
  • API of the challenge itself is hard to learn and understand.
  • Need more time to build the whole data structure.
  • Took a lot of time for styling on mobile devices.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In only 2 days, we can prototype mostly all feature of our application and can implement 50% of them on production stage. What we're proud of most is our thoughtful feature and UX that is improving on old bad experience that everybody in our team has, and the ability to bring it to live our most important feature. It is a compilation of our hard work of every teamates and how smooth we work with each other well.

  • We actually learned from Google GTFS and Google GTFS real-time.
  • We had a chance to work with React Native, Expo Tool.
  • Learned to use Map SDK applied for real-time data API from Tampere City Public Transportation.
  • Had a great time with the team and met a lot of inspired people.

What's next for Guru Bussi

In the feature, we will try to implement all feature we have in our prototype and make the tracking, suggesting route algorithm work better and more accurate.

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