GURU (गुरु) translates to a teacher or mentor, who can guide you with knowledge in a field of study. Similar to that in Appian, GURU is your intelligent friend who is powered by Appian's native capabilities, organization's key business data and machine learning to help you in your work-related activities by enabling you to better understand contextually on what you are working on by displaying data aggregation, analysis and give you real-time suggestions.


GURU is highly-configurable as per the needs of the organization and their business logics. He runs using the Appian decision engine which enables him on various screens where he delivers interesting messages and reactions based on the emotion of the scene which can be configured easily by an end user. He has lots of emotions and he can also learn new ones.

He can be taught using message keys to output dynamic information on a real time basis while training him how to talk and react to various scenarios. GURU can be trained using the key business data of an organization by integrating with machine learning services like AWS which can make him the expert of any field & improve user experiences to be intuitive and more enjoyable.


For better understanding of the concept of GURU we have configured it with CRM sales process.

Following are the list of features when he is configured with CRM SALES.

1.Analytics Dashboard: GURU welcomes the user with custom welcome message based on the user's organization hierarchy level.He also tries to motivate sales reps based on various parameters such as "Open Hot Leads", "Open Opportunities".

2.Dynamic keys to get the data: Dynamic keys are provided for some values which can help GURU to remember some important information such as name, number of leads, number of opportunities, total revenue etc.

3.Lead conversion Probability: GURU makes sure that are you focusing on the right lead by using machine learning and predicting percentage probability of a lead conversion based on the organization's past leads results.

4.Days since last Activity: GURU reminds you of the good leads that you might forget due to your busy schedule.

5.Opportunity Post-mortem: GURU helps by doing an opportunity post-mortem by linking similar opportunities together using various data points and then showing real-time suggestions to the end-user like:

Win Reason: GURU remembers the tips and techniques used for winning a past opportunity. So he suggest to follow the same steps again to close the present opportunity

Loss Reason: He makes sure that you don't repeat same mistakes again by identifying key reasons and have them at your disposal while you're working on an opportunity

6.Winning/Closing an opportunity: GURU is as happy as you are when you close that opportunity you've been working on for days. He celebrates with you!

7.Accounts Dashboard: GURU shows aggregated information before you have to contact your existing customers. So that you're well informed about the customer's details

Finally - GURU is what you train him to be, so have fun configuring GURU for your business applications.

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