We were inspired by hackathons themselves. We wanted to create a social media site for Gunn where people could come together and share their hackathon experiences, tips and more. Our website is an interactive social media website. We have a login screen where you can make your account for the website. Once you're in the website allows you to create posts with captions, create and post comments, and allows you to like others posts. We built it using HTML on PyCharm. We struggled with trying to adjust the story count and post count. The positioning along with the different images was difficult to incorporate. Luckily after a little tweaking we were able to fix it. We are proud that we were able to get the posts to show with working captions, comments, and likes. We learned about how to better work with a team on timed projects. This project definitely enhanced our communication skills as well as our time management skills. What's next to add is a grouping and friends feature to create a better online communication.

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