Firearm awareness is a very pertinent issue, especially given recent events and debate around the issue, like the shooting in the Vista, the shooting in Five Points, and the March for our Lives. This tool is absolutely not against the second amendment, but is simply an informative non-partisan tool for all residents of Cola.

What it does

The app gathers information from a Firebase database, updated in real time which is then pushed to the user. The user's current location can be used which will center the map and show areas around them where firearms are prohibited. It also provides information on gun laws and directions to gun-free zones.

How I built it

We used Bootstrap and JS with the Google Maps API for quick implementation of the idea. The project is scalable across all devices and is functional across all modern browsers.

Challenges I ran into

Firebase was actually quite complicated to set up coming from a SQL background, but once implemented it was very nice to use and the real time updates are amazing.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The website works quite swimmingly and has a minimalist stylish design. Personally, I am proud of the logo I made and the catchy name, Gun Free Soda City.

What I learned

Lots of Javascript knowledge and Firebase was very nice to implement.

What's next for GunFreeSodaCity

Future implementation efforts:

  • Verified places
  • More information
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