With the recent tragedies in New Zealand fresh in our minds, we thought about methods to prevent loss of life in situations like a school shooting. We figured that one issue that could be addressed would be to actually identify a risk as soon as it enters the property.

What it does

This system will monitor security camera footage and using Google's Cloud Vision API, determine if there is a gun, firearm, or weapon in frame. If there is a risk in frame, it will set off an alert which makes it easier for security teams and police officers to assess the risk and reduce danger for the building occupants.

How we built it

Using Eclipse, we created a program that reads video files, splits it into individual frames for analysis with Google's Cloud Vision API. It recognizes guns and possibly other dangerous weapons. In real life, this alert can include notifying nearby authorities and mass SMS alerts.

Challenges we ran into

We had issues with configuring Google's Cloud Vision API. We also had issues separating a video into it's individual frames.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of successfully implementing our idea and the obstacles overcome by our great teamwork.

What we learned

Maven, Google API, splitting videos into frames.

What's next for Gun Recognition and Warning System

We were unable to use a live video feed due to lack of necessary equipment. We are excited to use our project in a live stream and in real life.

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