Whilst the best way is to reduce the use of packages, there are many valid reasons for using packaging, e.g. keeping the product fresh & hygienic, easy for storage, etc. Plastic-based packaging is a popular choice as they are usually the cheapest for manufacturers, restaurants, etc. As climate change, eco-friendly topic arises, many are more conscious of their choices of product & packaging.

End consumers are more conscious of their choices of products. Research published by BCG shows that 50%+ of consumers would select products based on the sustainability of packaging, and 20%+ would be willing to pay 10-20% more for products with eco-friendly packaging.

Our survey shows that small businesses struggle to promote their products with eco-friendly packaging, whilst end consumers find it hard to find these products. End consumers are also concerned about having little / misinformation about the actual 'eco-friendliness' of the packaging and ways of disposal correctly.

What it does

Gumpare is a platform to connect consumers to products with eco-friendly packaging.

This is a 3-way platform:

A - Businesses selling product with eco-packaging - motivated by exposure and lead gen

Gumpare enables businesses to

  • List their products (what product is it and where to get them, what eco-packing they are using)
  • Provide promotional offers (a certain limit per month)
  • Buy targeted advertisement slots and more vouchers to promote their products to consumers

B - End consumers - motivated by making a true impact, and enhanced by gamification and rewards

Consumers can earn points by

  • Setting weekly goals (e.g. use X eco-packing product, do a small quiz to learn more about eco-packing on Gumpare, share useful tips with the community)
  • Recording their purchased products (listed or not)
  • Meeting the goals
  • Promoting on social media, broadcasting their eco-movement
  • Contributing to making a business commit to use eco-packaging, get a product listed on Gumpare
  • Share eco-tips with the community There is a league board. They also earn an invite-only premium subscription to try new products.

C - Eco-packaging manufacturers - motivated by exposure and lead gen

Gumpare enables manufacturers to

  • Provide fun, bite-size, useful information on their eco-packaging
  • Buy advertisement slots to promote their eco-packing to businesses

How we built it

  • We did desk research to understand the problem space.
  • We conducted surveys with small businesses and consumers respectively to validate (and challenge) our assumptions.
  • We built a functioning web portal for businesses to promote their products, and for consumers to find them.
  • We built wireframes to illustrate some parts of the end consumer journey.

What we learned

  • We pivoted from our original idea of building a marketplace for eco-packaging materials to where we are after our survey with small businesses and consumers.

What's next for Gumpare

  • We will further validate the market size and the product verticals we may want to focus on.
  • More tech development

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