We wanted to solve the problem that firefighters are having when there's a fire. This app gives firefighter the ability to go to a fire and find the nearest available fire hydrants.

How it works

Gulu will increase efficiency for firefighters.

  1. Firefighters signup using their badge ID to maintain security
  2. Create a fire by typing in the address of the fire.
  3. gulu tells you how many fire trucks are at the fire in real time.
  4. gulu then shows you the closest fire hydrates
  5. Pick a fire hydrate to get directions
  6. gulu makes sure one truck goes to one fire hydrate at a time.

How we built it

ionic, available for both IOS and Android

Challenges we ran into

We were having problem integrating the Cordova launcher initially and loading markers on the map. But we eventually figure it out.

What we learned

Learning how to integrate Cordova for navigation, Google Maps API in for TypeScript.

What's next for Gulu - Automating firefighters efficiency

We want to build the product and sell it to fire stations. As well go into law enforcement.

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