The Gulpfish Social Job connect application for Samsung TV connects you Samsung internet enabled Television with your iphone, ipad, Android hand held devices/phones & personal computers. This application runs in real time and notifies Samsung TV owners with a pop up widget that appears during TV viewing of message notifications from Employers.

The Samsung TV App interacts with the users Phone app by providing instant cloud interactivity. For example, if you are in a board room discussing candidates for open positions and showing these candidates on your Samsung tv, instead of using your TV remote to remove, save or even message candidates, you can use your Phone as the execution device which can then change the top 5 candidates available for the Human Resources team viewing them on the Samsung TV. This cloud based connectivity in the area of employment has never been done before between TV and Phone devices.

This Application will allow both Job search candidates and employers the ability to view their online accounts, be notified when a new message and interview request are received, view video resumes of job search candidates and company videos of employers. Both employers and job search candidates will interact in real time text messaging as well. This new application is redefining what TV Apps can do. Now the screening sorting and hiring of job search candidates can be done collectively by a group of people in a board room with ease. The benefit of using the Samsung TV Application is not only for Employers but for job search candidates as well. The Television set has become a key element in people’s lives for entertainment and relaxation and now it has become a key tool to assist in staying connected with Employers from around the world.

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