I've probably played guitar hero once in my life but never really got into it. 24 hours ago, I realized that the only thing it needed was a complete remake in an 8-bit engine.

Right now, you can play the essential Guitar Hero for a few seconds. The buttons are pushed when you press 'em, the song has notes that scroll down the fret, and has some nice score screens (that don't actually count your score yet)

Guitar Pico is definitely a work in progress. I wound up sleeping for too long, and wasn't able to finish everything I wanted to in time for submission. I'm fairly new to Pico-8, so this was a huge learning experience.

I'm glad I had the idea and was able to iterate on it. In the future, I want the buttons to recognize when the user has correctly hit a key (I had it working earlier in the process, I swear)

It's really satisfying to create a game, even if it wasn't 100% completed. I'd love to keep working on this in the future.

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