Beginner guitar players without formal training often have to rely on the internet and sketchy resources to begin their music careers. When doing so, there's very little they can do to check their accuracy besides their own best guess. I

What it does

 Guitar Guru uses the Myo armband to track muscle movements, mainly the brachioradials and the carpi radialis. The pointer on the web application follows a specific tempo for each song, allowing users to follow the beat. When they manage to hit the note on the correct beat, the app lets you know. It then tracks the information for he user and presents analysis at the end.

How we built it

We used Javascript, JQuery and AJAX to code the real time updates and track muscle movements for the Myo and send the data to the web application. For the web app, we used JS again as well as HTML CSS and Bootstrap

Challenges we ran into

Getting data from the Myo to the app in real time was difficult, as well as creating a system in HTML to track whether the user was doing it correctly

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Tracking specific muscle movements was definetly a challenge, but it was rewarding to be able to get accurate readings for the Myo.

What we learned

We mainly learned a lot about javascript to code with hardware as well as to communicate effectively with the webpage

What's next for Guitar Guru

 The main next step is to create profile for Guitar Guru, allowing people to receive detailed analysis and metrics about their performance over time. Another direction we plan to take is to add a more expansive database of songs and to add chord recognition to the songs, to add another dimension to our project
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