There had a massive increase in the number of people who started learning to code in the recent times. But a huge amount of people give up coding because of the misled resources widespread on the Internet. People learning to code often give up coding with so much ease just because they fail to find the right resources to progress.. Some developers love to learn by watching videos either on YouTube or Udemy while the rest of the clan would be book worms who like learning something by reading. Even if you prefer reading, there isn't a stand-alone platform which accumulates everything that you are in need of. We gotta endlessly scroll and search on Reddit or LinkedIn to find something worthwhile that someone found useful and gave it a shot. So why not create an ecosystem for the developer community that lets the developers share resources which would be a light at the end of a tunnel for a developer who is being loggerheads with his coding pursuit?

What it does

An app which eases the curve of finding resources to learn to code. Be it a YouTube video or a medium article or a udemy course, anything that you found personally useful and think about sharing it with the entire developer community, you can go ahead and share it on Guide

How we built it

  1. Mobile Application - React Native
  2. Backend - Firebase

Challenges we ran into

  1. We worked with React Native for the first ever time.
  2. Coding some of the components took time as we weren't familiar enough. ## Accomplishments that we're proud of We think we came up with what we envisioned during our idea pitch.

What's next for Guiide

  1. Roll out to the real world to look at the actual problem that it solves.
  2. Create a like-minded developer community within the application.
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