We think the way kids are introduced to programming is just wrong. We don't like drag-and-drop coding environments (they don't teach much computer science), and the typical languages that are taught in intro classes (like Java and Python) come with their own set of difficulties in getting them to work. So we developed GUIDuck, an introductory programming language that is based on ease of learning and efficiency in understanding what computer science really is.

What it does

GUIDuck is a website that allows you to run your own GUIDuck code, and it is just that easy.

How we built it

Backend in Java, frontend in HTML and Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

We forgot about the piece that connects frontend to backend, so we are currently missing that funcitonality.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We designed a language, coded up a web page, and developed an interpreter for a really cool and really easy learners language. We think that is pretty damn cool.

What we learned

A lot about time management, thinking out the whole picture beforehand, how important sleep is, not to mention many new computer science skills.

What's next for GUIDuck Programming Language

We'll 1) finish our website, 2) fully implement GUIDuck, and 3) extend many more functions like exporting and importing files to compile. There's a lot more in store for us.

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