Based on a real life story: When Tolu took a trip to Los Angeles, he unknowingly wound up in the wrong neighborhood. When he approached a citizen to ask for directions, he was assaulted by the person who turned out to be a gang member.

One of the best ways to experience the true authenticity of a city is through its neighborhoods and by visiting the local shops, restaurants, etc that give the city its character. Having someone that can guide you to the right areas and toward the right experiences can make all of the difference in the world. Out of this experience and with this philosophy, GuiderX was born!

What it does

GuiderX is an application where you, the Traveler, can be matched to your perfect Guide based on your preferences.

How we built it

We sought to develop an MVP as a proof of concept. We established landing pages for Travelers and Guides. Using Google AdWords, the foundation was laid for gauging demand on both ends. We then built out the backend for handling the logic needed for making matches and a database for storing user (Travelers and Guides)

Challenges we ran into

  • Getting viable matching logic (RESOLVED)
  • Passing userIDs via routs (RESOLVED)
  • Encountered an error with sending multiple SMS messages via Nexmo within a certain timeline (RESOLVED)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Going from having only an idea to foundational backend in 48 hours
  • Successfully implementing the Nexmo API
  • Seeing interest generated via Google AdWords within less than 24 hours

What we learned

  • Implementation of an idea within 48 hours is not easy
  • Team synergy is crucial
  • The benefit of working in an Agile environment

What's next for GuiderX | The premier travel guide solution

  • Market Research
    • Continued idea validation
    • Build surveys for perspective Guides and Travelers to deepen knowledge of requested features for future implementation
  • Development
    • Deeper integration of the Nexmo API
    • Messaging platform for Guides and Travelers to communicate and plan trip itinerary
    • Live updates of Guide and Traveler Dashboards using
    • Deployment of Facebook API and Google+ API for easier signup
    • Yelp API to aid in trip planning
    • Background check and use of Google Guides as a way to validate guide credibility on expertise
    • Expanded matching algorithm
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