Our inspiration came from our personal encounter with a blind person trying to cross the road alone.

What it does

Solution allows a visual impaired user to enter location (Google Map API) destination of his/her choice followed by requesting for a volunteer for aid. The solution will send a broadcast ( thanks to real-time google firebase ) to volunteers. The first volunteer to pick up the call will instantly be in a video call ( through WebRTC) with the visual impaired user.

How we built it

Flutter: Development Framework Video SDK: WebRTC Technology Map SDK: Google Map API Backend: Google Firebase (used for connecting P2P for WebRTC Technology as well as sharing live location data from user to volunteer).

Challenges we ran into

Couldn't set up our Flutter working environment at first, WiFi was down while we were developing our app on Flutter. Lots of time constraints!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We developed it within a short span of 8 hours while we tackled the designs in a couple of hours. Had to learn Flutter from scratch as we had no prior knowledge!

What we learned

Learning more about each other, what PwDs face on a regular basis, understanding the different type of issues different PwDs face, how to use Flutter, challenging design skills in such a short span of time

What's next for GuideMySight

Ensuring our app works properly based on our Figma designs, improving features and functionality, allowing for volunteers to input data such as potential obstacles in their neighbourhood to improve the map functionality in our app to have potential obstacles being spotted

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