There are a lot of community issues in the world.These issues simply can’t be solved because of lack of resources and lack knowledge to do research. One main issue that our group wanted to solve was lack of important resources that many people in our community may face. Our four main topics is clothing, shelter, food and more additional options. They're many people struggling with these things and it make it difficult for them to deal with life. Some people do not have technology or they don’t know how look up these things to get the resources they need. 
  Our app is designed to provide information, on where and how someone can receive the service they need to help with getting these things. Our app will provide different websites and how to go about them. Our app could be a solution worldwide , but as for now we are focus on Detroit MI as a starter. 
 We used the website app inventor 2, to create this app. We started with the basic, which was to create a design and an idea to discuss how many screens we would need. We then started the research part where we had to look up all the information that was needed. 
 There was so many challenges that was still unsolved. One main challenge we had was dealing with time management. There were so many different projects due around the same date and it was causing frustrating to try to deal with everything at one. The frustrating also made it hard to work as a group. There was many discussion and disagreement about the app which made the process longer and difficult. Another challenge that we came across was dealing with the coding, but that was challenge we soon became to overcome. 
  We are so proud of ourselves that her app made it to this point and we are really ready to see where this can take us. Our app overall has come a long way and can be a very useful app for the majority. Our research is very precise and accurate for the use of those in need. This app can really improve the city of Detroit. 
  Through the process of this app, we learned many different things such as coding, the struggles that our city's faced and how to work together as a team. 
 Our next steps for this app depends your choice. There are so many ideas that we have for this app, that we were not able to achieve due to the limited resources that app inventor offered. We would also like to make this a more global app and add more categories.. 

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