I could not find an app that helps me navigate to the nearest accessible subway, so I decided to make one

What it does

We guide the user to the subway and inform them of the entrance/exit type.

How we built it

Xcode, Swift, research on Youtube R&D Labs with Rohant

Challenges we ran into

Customizing the map pushes the dev to use Cloud-based customizations which is not compatible with iOS, documentation is challenging to navigate. Also Directions API was challenging to use, instructions could be reformed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Got this app in TestFlight, got all the exits plotted, got user location! Added: Directions API used when user taps marker Callout Added: Custom map color implemented

What we learned

Google Map customization, PDF Document creating, embedding website in the app, list of ada outages

What's next for Guide

Put it in the hands of the public, get feedback and improve it

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