Thousands of people stay alone at home and often they need help with using a computer or even mobile phone apps. Sometimes specialists need advice on how to accomplish an Excel model better. Professional forums can't be 100 % useful and efficient. We need a live interaction with a consultant or advisor who can explain how the process works step by step.

Guide O will be an online platform where consultants can connect with clients via a remote control program. It will be like a hotline with a professional bias. You can call (video call), describe what your problem is and then our consultants will help you to figure it out.

Everybody had a situation when he or she struggling with programming or developing a Google Doc Sample. We need to go to YouTube and find an appropriate video with a clear explanation. Or we try to find an answer in forums, articles or blogs. We waste time. But if you are a beginner and want to learn something from scratch, it can be difficult to form a right request in Google search line. It will be more efficient if we have somebody who can show us how to handle the issue easily and fast. The whole process of communication between consultant and client will be confidential and secured.

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