Want to travel but don't know where to go? Let guide-me tell you what you like and where you should go!

What it does

guide-me finds the most common themes in your Facebook photos and generates travel suggestions based on the results.

How we built it

We use Clarifai's visual recognition API to analyze pictures and generate keywords for each one of them. We then aggregate the keywords and get the ones that are most representative of our images. Finally, we pass the chosen keywords to Expedia's Nautilus API, which will find the best destinations corresponding to the keywords. With a stunning photo of the destination and a link to get the best hotel and flight deals, planning for vacation has never been easier!

Challenges we ran into

Choosing the right keywords for the destination search was not as easy as we thought. Often there were way too many generic keywords that are not useful in helping us learn about the individual's interests. We solved this challenge by first selecting a random subset of images to get more representative keywords, and then getting rid of the most generic keywords from the aggregated data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

3 backend guys managed to pull this off despite suffering (a lot) when working on the frontend.

What we learned

We should find a designer next time.

What's next for guide-me

We will continue to improve the performance of image tag queries and destination queries so we can do analysis on a larger dataset. This will also give us more accurate and personalized results.

We plan to integrate with Google Photos and Dropbox in the future to get a better understanding of your preferences.

We would also like to add the ability to save and edit trips, and eventually make it a social platform where people share their most exciting trips with others.

Facebook integration for non-preauthorized users is currently being submitted and reviewed. To see it in action with our own accounts, come to our table or let us know at mathieu1330@hotmail.com!

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