Guide is a responsive web app that allows immigrants to easily navigate the American landscape using hyper-localized, context driven data. This data will be curated by both the organizations that support these communities, as well as prominent outspoken members who wish to share their knowledge, in one easy to access location. Guide’s database is populated with contact information for providers ranging from health services to community outreach, and uses end user’s search functionality to match individuals with their specific needs. Complex questions will be sent off to other Guide members who can answer as a local, allowing for extremely personalized and community driven feedback.

Guide’s interactivity is simple and intuitive by design, built from the foundation that immigrants will benefit the most from clear instructions that use as little text as possible to avoid confusion. With that, we have eliminated text from many of the pages, instead leaning on iconography to convey meaning, with plans to integrate aural and voice functionality in the future!

By designing Guide to cater to the organizations that provide services to our immigrant population, as well as the population itself, we create a product that vastly expands the reach of the services they provide. We are able to provide the biggest help for foreign born residents – sharing information to help solve real problems for questions they may not even know to ask.

Guide was inspired by our team listening to real world problems from our community while combining our own knowledge of traveling abroad and feeling as a stranger in a strange land. The proposed problems from Globalhack 7 brief gave us an outline:

1) Navigating resources and systems a. How do you access information? b. How do you navigate differences in culture? c. What can be done to help foreign born residents navigate the heavy legalese of the American immigration system?

2) Capturing the lived experience a. In what ways can those that came before you help you out? b. How does it close the loop for knowledge relating to specific communities? c. In what ways can technology help with foreign born employment?

Guide’s focus was to find ways to assist with all of these problems, with a further focus of connecting out with other communities that serve a large immigrant population.

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