Guia DF

A multi-messenger chatbot for smart journeys

The problem

As of 2012, there are more than 35,000 buses/micros/peseros, and they are one of the major polluters in the city (about 1.5 million tons per year)

60% of the population uses them every day, as peseros are often the only way to get to their homes (55% of the people comes from the suburbs). Only 15% of them live near a mass transit station (e.g. metro, light train)

But peseros are not the only problem. There are more than 5 million cars in the D.F. which contributes to the traffic chaos and bad quality of air.

It's estimated that the number of metropolitan trips every day is 4.2 millions along the 10k of road networks between the DF and metro area.

The government authorities have been unable to control them properly, and these days are not uncommon to have "car ban days" because of the worrisome pollution levels.

There are 12 metro lines with 175 stations, 9 authorized bus companies with about 2k buses and 6 metrobus lines that mobilizes millions of people per day.

Parametria did a poll in 2013 about the public's opinion on the transit services (in Spanish)

Poll results Source:

Most people liked the metro and hated the micros and combis, but they took them anyways, since there were not aware of other options. Unsurprisingly, driving your own car was more popular than the combined numbers for buses, metrobuses, and taxis, mostly because they are not very cost effective and takes too long, EVEN THOUGH THE MAJORITY WAS CONCERNED ABOUT THE IMPACT TO THE ENVIRONMENT.

The proposal

Work from home!!

Well...most of us are not ready for that yet and require to show up at our workplaces regularly.

While the government is doing its part to extend the metrobus and metro lines, and trying it best to reduce the number of old micros/combis, informal transportation in the city, the transportation problems will continue.

It's important to have a plan B in the meantime.

GuiaDF is that plan B.

What is it? GuiaDF is a multi messenger chatbot for smart journeys within the DF and metro areas. What "multi messenger" means is that with our approach you are not tied to only one type of messenger app or website (e.g. facebook), but you can also have the same services through any other major messenger/web out there (instagram, line, whatsapp, twitter, etc.) or even within your website. Even better: you can start in one app, and continue in another. GuiaDF will remember and go with you.


Google maps and other routing planners don't have enough market penetration as social media/messenger websites and apps like facebook or instagram. They are also not very good at multi-modal journey suggestions: e.g. many times, google maps suggests to walk for many minutes and many miles before reaching out the bus stop. GuiaDF is smarter: if the distance is too far, it'll suggest you an uber or eco-bike (if there is one available). It'll suggest you things to do while you wait for your next connection (e.g. catching Pokemons once Pokemon Go is available in Mexico ;)). You have a solution that can be faster than driving, with less stress and without the need to find parking from anywhere within the DF.

And all this without leaving your messaging app, after all ~90% of our time on mobile is spent on email and messaging platforms.

How do chatbots compare against humans?

From Erik Kalvianien, creator of Meya Source:

And here is the kicker: because we are using a messenger integration platform, we can connect to services that allow actual humans to reply along the chatbot, meaning that you can have even more accurate results! That;s for a later phase of course, since it'll require some funding to hire and train personnel, but rest assured, they'll get to work from home ;)

Supported platforms (as of 08.02.2016):

  • Web/web mobile
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Twilio

Supported commands (as of 08.02.2016):

  • Hello
  • Bot Info
  • Technical Details
  • Coming Next
  • Help
  • Get Directions
  • Bye
  • I love you
  • Thanks
  • Disconnect
  • Connect Me

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