Yearly millions of dollars in scholarships and financial aid go unclaimed, because students find it difficult to hear about these opportunities. We wanted to create a product that made hearing about financial aid and other opportunities, such as internships, more accessible. We also wanted to combat the negative mental health effects that come with social media by redefining what social media is. To solve these problems we created a social networking tool that allowed users to learn about opportunities only if they were active and willing to share content that would be useful to at least one other user creating a community of active users that only shared uplifting content.

What it does

In order to access other users' posts for the next week about opportunities and events you have to make your own post and wait for at least one other user to save it to their own portfolio demonstrating that your post has meaning and is beneficial for other users. Each user will get 5 opportunities in 24 hours to make a post that can have a positive impact for others in order to access all of Güey's content.

How we built it

We used Swift to create the iOS app and firebase as our database. We also used Canva for our UI designs for each of the screens.

Challenges we ran into

This was our first time developing an iOS app and working with Swift so there was a learning curve in learning Swift in a short amount of time and utilizing it to bring our vision to life.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In a short amount of time we were able to come up with a product that helps eliminate problems that come with social media such as comparisons and the posting of content that doesn't provide impact. We're also proud that despite our learning curves we were able to make a very nice product that's functional to do basic operations like creating a post.

What we learned

We learned how to create an iOS app in a short amount of time as well as the root causes of the negative effects social media has on mental health. We also learned how to successfully collaborate and create a product from the ground up in a team filled with different skill sets and experiences.

What's next for Güey

We hope to add more features that allow users to filter how they can see other people's posts such as by how many people saved it, most recently posted, and those who are in the same groups as you.

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