So first, we tried making a Twitter account that received tweets and read the tweets for titles of songs to play on Spotify. We got the Twitter API working but we had to have premium Spotify to use their API. Second, I tried to do something with tracking motion but OpenCV is really horrible to install. So we came up with this idea to have a completely anonymous chat where anyone can join and no one knows who is who or even who sent what. It's better than IRC! Plus, it doesn't store user data or the messages. Its backend has absolutely no database! No logins either! Thus, messages are just pushed to the client's browser and not saved in anyway. So what happens when the client refreshes or closes the session? Poof! The whole chat is gone. Great for people who want to stay anonymous or are Anonymous.
We are Anonymoose.
We are trolleys
We do not procrastinate
We do not cooperate
We're shitty.

Also because of OpenCV, my $PATH is completely screwed up. It'll probably take me another hour to fix :(. The goal of this project was absolutely nothing. This project solved 0 real world problems. It might have 5 more real world problems. And the whole project lacks CSS (which is "intentional"). :D

Also, the live website does not work properly but the localhost works properly. :(

I worked with 2 complete beginners (who do not have a challengepost) and taught them Python, HTML, and CSS.

This is a pretty beginner hack.... I don't think it's even beginner. I think it's way below beginner. Like 500% below beginner.

Well, anyways, the live app doesn't work right now but I'll work on making it work soon.

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