My 5-years old son is fascinated with Alexa! When I asked him if there was something he wished Alexa could do, he said: "What if Alexa could play 'I spy with my little eye'?". As there wasn't any suitable skill available, I decided to create one!

What it does

It plays the traditional "I spy with my little eye" game. Alexa says where she is, tells you about something she can spy, and the child tries to guess what it is.

How we built it

With AWS Lambda and the Alexa Skills Kit.

Challenges we ran into

Nothing really, it was pretty straightforward.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

My son spent a couple of evenings entertained with the game and learning!

What we learned

That it can be tricky to implement Alexa skills that depend on assorted text, that is, text that isn't specified in the intent slots.

What's next for Little Spy

I plan to implement the reverse role, that is, the child says where they are and give a hint about what they're spying, and Alexa tries to guess!

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