Over this summer, I have been really bored, and due to COVID-19, haven't had the opportunity to spend time with my friends, have fun, or have a good laugh. This is why I created this app, a place where you can compete with friends, have fun guessing puns, or just have a good laugh!!!

What it does

The app has a login, signup, and forgot password UI for user registration. I used Firebase for all of my user authentications. After the user has signed up and logged in, he is taken to the home page, which has a welcome message, gives some fun facts on puns, and teaches the user how to play. The next page is the actual play tab, where the user can start guessing the pun from the images provided. They can also input which ones they got right or wrong to keep track of accuracy and enabling them to compete with others! Finally, the final tab shows their scores compared to other users' scores. This data was stored and pulled using Firebase Realtime Database.

How I built it

I built the app with the Dart programming language (Flutter). I built the app user authentication using flutter_login and Firebase Auth. I stored data using Firebase Realtime Database. Finally, I got a lot of my puns from:

Challenges I ran into

One of the biggest challenges was the user authentication. The hardest part was implementing Firebase Auth into it because I had no prior experience with Firebase.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud to build a perfect functioning app that fulfills all of my expectations.

What I learned

I learned many more things about Flutter and how to use Firebase in my Flutter apps.

What's next for Guess The Pun!

The next thing for Guess The Pun! is building a proper UI for the "Compete" tab (backend is complete though). Also, I will need to add more puns (there are only 10 currently)!

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