The inspiration came from the childhood games that we used to play. Just naming cars ,brands ,animals and so on, starting with a certain letter. So, why not mix AR with the childhood fun?

What it does

The lens starts generating random alphabets on the forehead of the user. When the user opens their mouth, a random alphabet appears. The user should say a brand name that starts with that specific letter. If not, the user's friend can punish them / ask to do a dare. Upon tapping on the screen, the alphabet generation starts again.

How we built it

We built this lens by first creating an image holder that stays over the forehead of the user. Then, a script shows one image for the specified amount of time, then moves on to the next image. All the alphabet images are provided as input. Then, the mouth opening action is connected as a trigger to stop the random generation and the tap action is used to restart it.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into the challenge of randomly generating the alphabets, but thanks to the SnapAR community, we were able to research about it and find some relevant data that helped us build the final product.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the random image generation and also the fun it brings to the user's day!

What we learned

This was our first SnapAR project so of course, we learnt the basics of Lens studio and how it actually works. We messed around with several features and it was incredibly fun. Especially, the face morphing. Its so easy yet so cool! We also learnt how to use Image holders and how to connect interactions to scripts.

What's next for Guess the brand

We are planning to monetize the lens by adding Hints that appears on the screen for a few seconds. These hints can be sponsored by any brand with their logo which of course starts with a specific letter in the random image generation.

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