Prototype concept :

It is a guessing game that can be played on any scale from the local Badischen Museum to a global challenge spanning hundreds of institutions. Nearly all of the details are variable. From a simple quiz, to a multi-national treasurehunt things are combineable.

The basic principle is to have people guess right about objects and their background information, to have fun, test their expertise and learn about artefacts. And win prices of course ;)

To avoid making the museum visit a digital treasurehunt, time delays can be added, that are an incentive to spend time with a piece.

On the technical side we are building a framwork that enables museums to put up those challenges - alone or collaboratively. We use ordinary HTML5 paired with bluetooth beacons and possibly AR elements on local sites.

One very simple instance would be like this:

There a five participating museums. When the game starts, every day a picture of one artifact is shown and the people taking part have to guess the artist for points, and the museum it is located in for more points. Of course it get's more and more difficult (and the prices could rise) the more museums take part, and the lesser known the artefact questioned is.

A more complex, multistage game instance would look like this:

When in a local museum, you check in to the game and are also a representative for this area. There are bluetooth beacons in some of the rooms, that, when you spend more than 10 minutes in front of one artefact, reveals information about it. In another room, you get to know that you have to spend some time, and then, in a later room, a beacon tracks your presence and from memory questions about the previous objects have to be answered. In a second round teams from are formed with people from different locations, (who had answers right) and they can collaborate (and get to know each other a bit) on the following tasks, of finding out which and where three artefacts are located. In round three background information has to be entered in a one hour quiz. Round four is a fragment of an piece that grows bigger and bigger every hour. Those who solve it fist, get the most points.

The participants with the most points win the most.

There is the aspect of cheating which we had some ideas about as well. For example the timing constraints, and for some challenges not using publicly available pictures of artifacts to avoid bot usage.

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