My sister has a hard time getting out of bed :)

What it does

Demo video: ----

  • Flashing lights
  • Muscle Contraction
  • Ejects you out of bed

How I built it

  • We used a NodeMCU
  • Made a Blynk app for a wireless connection
  • It has a timer so it wakes you up at a specific time
  • Flashing lights: We programmed the esp8266 to have a disco light flashing effect, bright leds to wake you up (the cube was built for a different project, not made during hacklarious)
  • Muscle contraction: coding a a relay and TENS unit (TENS unit relay wire was wired at a different hackathon)
  • Bed ejector: We bought a bed that could change its elevation for my grandma to help her get out of bed easier, we attached a servo (in a very janky manner if I might add) to the remote
  • everything was controlled in a wireless system to start at an alarm timer

Challenges I ran into

Wanna hear something so hacklarious no? i thought this hackathon was in two weeks for some reason (after APs), so we started this project at 11:00 pm on Saturday

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • A miracle that we finished this and edited a video?
  • working with janky materials --> janky product

What I learned

  • My sister and her friend (all quarantined in the same house) participated in their first hackathon with me
  • and my cousin sent over some code
  • We worked together despite quarantine :)))))
  • Wifi isn't reliable

What's next for GUBOOB

Ah, so much more. Since we did this project in a few hours...

Perhaps, using a rpi, picam, and some tensorflow? (been dying to try out a rpi)

Stay safe! Jaclyn Chen, Catherine Chen, Jasmine Chen, Raymond Moy

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