Have you planned an event, and suddenly went over budget or allocated more money on the wrong categories? Or maybe had to deal with last-minute planning, and spend too much time googling the things needed for the event? Situations when there are too many hands on the event, and suddenly it becomes hard to track who s spending on what, and how much?

It’s stressful. We get it. Planning events should be easier. Make event planning simpler with Guava.

What it does

Optimize your spending. Guava helps you manage, monitor, and find the best prices for the spending categories you need. Not sure what to get for the event? We offer suggestions, and you can choose what you want and how much you want to spend.

Have helpers? Sometimes, communication gets lost along the way. We know things happen, so Guava tells you who is spending what and how much, in real time.

How We built it

Capital One’s API was used to connect to a bank account to retrieve information on the checking account and recent transactions. The server was written using node.js and hosted on Linode using MongoDB as our database. Firebase was used to allow multiple users to keep track on what’s being spent

Challenges We ran into

We had a hard time interpreting some APIs as they seemed to have some obfuscated methods to access their data on the web

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is our first app that we utilized python in to analyze and simulate data

What we learned

Our team gained a lot of experience in UI/UX design. Shelley had also learned more about web development.

What's next for Guava

We want to expand our recommendation engine for more than just food.

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