This website is designed to aid Guardian Node operators with the tools they need to be successfully. After having my Guardian Node fail without warning or notification, I believed there must be a better way. monitors the blockchain in real time and generates a webpage with all relative stats. From this site, you can see status of your GN and everyone else’s. One of the best features is being notified in real time when your node fails to sign a checkpoint. When used in conjunction with, you can receive an email, text, phone call, or a telegram alert when your node goes offline. This can all be anonymous without reviling any information.

The most challenging part was developing the interface software. Most of the comm routines are undocumented and took some time figure out. Another challenge was quickly calculating the efficiency report for all the Validators and Guardians. For this, a cache/compression module was created. This module allows the entire efficiency report to completed in about one second. To put this perspective, the original code took 5 minutes with 300 Guardian Nodes. Also, memory usage was reduced by 90 percent and CPU usage was reduced dramatically. As always with caching and data compression, special care must be taken to guard against data corruption. This was another challenge that was overcome as data corruption in the comm was common.

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