The safety and importance of communication in emergency situations.

What it does

When the accelerometer of your device reaches a specific threshold cause by an abrupt motion, such as a car accident, an emergency message is triggered sending an automatic message to the user's desired email list with information of their geolocation. The message can be terminated by the user if it is accidentally triggered. The user can also change their email list when desired. The email message includes a link to google maps with the users exact whereabouts.

How We built it

Implemented a variety of techniques to utilize the devices sensors and location services. Included java mail API to transmit emergency message.

Challenges We ran into

Debugging issues. Hardware glitches and ignorance of certain aspects.

Accomplishments that We are proud of

Completely debugging and having a running successful product for our very first hackathon.

What we learned

Better use of the Android SDK and API library.

What's next for GuardianAngel

Only time will tell.

The Team:

Includes: Joseph Malachosky John Nicholson Thomas Carney Jeremy Zang

Built With

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