Guardian | CalHacks 2019


For many Berkeley students, walking home late at night or at odd hours always carries a certain risk unique to other colleges. As a consequence of our urban campus environment, it is unsafe to travel alone. Our team worked with RideOS and their software to create a service to allow students to safely find their way home in groups.

RideOS WebApp and Android App

The Android SDK provided by RideOS offers separate rider and driver apps that interact with a controller managed on RideOS servers. This can be accessed through the WebApp, which offers extensive functionality through the use of curl commands and a playground feature.

Guardian Tools

One of the useful tools that RideOS offers is the use of a constraint. This allows the manager of the controller to mark regions that should be avoided in mapping a route to a destination. Our project takes real data from Berkeley's Police Department and processes the locations of crimes throughout the city. We then map each crime hotspot to a group of coordinates sent to the handler to create regions to avoid. We also added cosmetic updates to the rider and driver apps that interact with the WebApp.


Various changes in the SDK for visual updates to the app


Illustrator and image files for logo


iPython notebook, associated datasets/files that power the constraints

Future Work

We would like to work towards a fully featured Android SDK that is geared only towards walkers/groups instead of adapting from riders/drivers. Dynamically updating crime data would proactively make our service as safe as possible for users.

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