Guardian was inspired by seeing paralyzed patients or patients unable to speak with minimal abilities to convey their needs to the nurse or their family. We wanted to create an AI tool that helps combat facilitates sending messages through the directed gaze of our eyes.

What it does

Guardian AI is a computer vision project that allows for patients to use the motions of the eyes to send messages to their nurse or family.

How we built it

We created the FaceRecognition and Eye motion detection system using Python and the OpenCV library. We created the website using the Python Flask framework and HTML/CSS. We also deployed our website using Google Cloud hosting services.

Challenges we ran into

Attempting to construct the FaceRecogniton as there was a lot of factors that needed to be taken into account.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the FaceRecogniton to work and being able to change the text of the boxes

What we learned

We learned a considerable amount of OpenCV from python, which will help us with forming better FaceRecogniton.

What's next for GUARDIAN

Add a notification feature when the patient is selecting an object. Allow a patient to look/blink to select a box.

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