My girlfriend had a stroke while she was all alone (she's fine now :) ). There were seven people she knew within 1000 yards of her, she was drowning in help, but had no way to reach it.

We initially conceived Guardian Circle as a medically oriented app, but quickly found others found it useful for seniors, for solo workers like hotel housekeepers or real estate agents, or women's safety (the XPRIZE saw use for it in India).

What it does

Friends & Family 9-1-1. Push a button: Help comes.

Get friends, family and neighbors to download Guardian Circle and connect in the system as Guardians. When you're trouble, press an Alert button. Your Guardians immediately get a loud push notification Alert. When they answer, they are brought into your Alert Room, where they share location and chat. In under 30 seconds, everyone knows where everyone else is and can communicate -- whether THEY knew each other beforehand or not (odds are good they don't all know each other, even though they all know you). Now they can make a plan to rescue you.

There's an option to broadcast alerts publicly to nearby strangers. There's also a built in $GUARD crypto wallet. Users earn $GUARD for response and referrals. They can also easily send $GUARD to anyone they have a Guardian relationship with.

How I built it

It took us several tries and four years to get where we are today.

Challenges I ran into

It was hard to get people to think about emergencies before COVID19 and the recent social unrest / riots. And the idea of 'community emergency response' seemed unrealistic to most ('Why can't I just use 9-1-1'?) -- until 'defund the police' become very real overnight. Who will you call when there is no 9-1-1? Or when law enforcement is overwhelmed or not available due to COVID officer sickness?

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Fast Company 'World Changing Idea' award, Newsweek Blockchain Impact Nominee, Women's Safety XPRIZE partner, featured in 'TRUST MACHINE' documentary by Alex Winter and Rosario Dawson.

What I learned

Getting Android apps to work worldwide on all screen sizes, all Android variations, all carriers worldwide is almost impossible :) But we got most of the way there and iOS works great.

What's next for Guardian Circle

Revenue. We are attacking the hotel housekeeper panic button market with our SAEPIO product line - which is Guardian Circle with some new bells and whistles to locate housekeepers accurately indoors.

We may add OPTIONAL enhanced paid protection to Guardian Circle down the road.

But Guardian Circle base consumer app is, and always will remain, free. Our wish is for the world to use this free protection grid. Have any number of Guardians, generate any number of Alerts, no limits.

It is especially useful in regions where there is no 9-1-1 (most of earth has nothing, 6 of the 7 Billion of us).

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