Everybody has needed a hand with their car at some point or another, and too many people have been affected by road trauma.

What it does

If anything goes wrong to your car, Guardian Angel is there. It monitors the car's vitals, and helps make suggestions to fix any issues. In case of collisions, it informs authorities and the people close to the car owner.

How we built it

We use React Native for mobile phone development, supporting both iOS and Android. React Native uses JavaScript as the primary language for the UI and Network, and native code (Objective-C and Java) as the glue. React Native runtime is almost native speed though via an internal "bridge".

Within React Native, we use "fetch" to call Car Easy Apps (CEA) Simulator RESTful APIs. For the camera function we use a React Native plug-in called react-native-camera.

CAE APIs used:

- getADASCtrl.php // to get Flat Tyre 
- getcurrentpos.php // to get GPS location
- getEngineCtrl.php // to get Fule Level
- getMaintenanceCtrl.php // to get Days For Next Maintenance
- getConfigurationCtrl.php // to get Car model, color etc for automatic insurance calls
- getSecurityCtrl.php // to detect collision situation (airbag crash info detection)

Challenges we ran into

  1. The first hackathon for some team members, we have already picked up some new skills.
  2. React Native is new to us - so it took a while to set up and deploy to iPhone 6s for demonstration.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have not only produced a PPT with concrete use cases and mock-ups, but also a working iPhone 6s demo app calling CAE APIs provided by the hackathon sponsor!

What we learned

  1. React Native, Camera API
  2. RESTful API of CAE and Car Data.
  3. Capabilities of CAE APIs and a lot of Connected Cars knowledge and use cases.

What's next for Guardian Angel

  1. We will be developing it further to make it a powerful and easy to use app for millions of drivers and passengers.
  2. Continue to learn React Native and Cloud integration of CAE + Car Data APIs, so that more features can be developed.
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