Guardian Angel: Let us keep you safe.

Guardian Angel is a platform designed to give you the best danger detection and prevention so that you can be more at peace.

Guardian Angel detects your danger level using the sensors built into Google Glass such as the noise, and accelerometer, combined with our custom algorithms to detect when you might be in danger. You are given a danger level as shown on the website, and on the GlassWare itself in the form of different colored icons. In times of extreme danger, Guardian Angel will also automatically contact your emergency contacts.

Learn about what areas are the most dangerous before you get there. Using live updates from every customer, you can see the safety of areas around the world. The website map is kept up to date live in real time all locations of Guardian Angel users. You can immediately know when someone is in danger.

A quick voice command or gesture will alert nearby citizens, police, family, and friends of your immediate danger. Send real time updates of your status to the authorities. You can register your emergency contacts on the website. Contacts will be called, emailed, and texted a notification that you are in danger, your last known location, and your last spoken command.

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